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KosméMed Ltd.  ***** MEDICAL BEAUTY  COMPANY *****

KosméMed Limited is a medical-beauty company with many years of experience in the field of:

–  Research and products development
–  Products manufacturing
–  Products marketing:
our own medical, aesthetic and professional skin care products, private label (customers OEM) specific health products.

Since the founding of the company in 1999 in Germany and now headquartered in Hong Kong, we have adhered to the common strategy of satisfying the demands of our customers.

We are a representative, licensing partner and supplier of national and internationally operating companies, especially from the German and  European cosmetics industry.

Through the input of the users, we develop pass-through health products, because our customers are at the beginning and end of the value chain.

Our product development department provides the bridge between skin researchers and consumers.
They use the latest research findings to develop well-tolerated and technologically advanced formulas and packaging that are tailored to the needs of different skin types, age groups and genders.

With us to success!

We are a German-Asian team with an expanded marketing and sales network in various economically interesting provinces of Germany and Europe with direct access to decision-makers.
Due to our intimate knowledge of the German - European economy as well as the culture, we can support you in all phases of your business contacts.


KosméMed Limited
IFC, 32/F, 1, Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong,
Tel.: +852 68972990, +86 186 66920330
E-Mail: cs@kosmemed.com

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