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KosméMed Ltd.  ***** MEDICAL BEAUTY  COMPANY *****
Since the founding of the company in 1999 in Germany and now headquartered in Hong Kong, we have adhered to the common strategy of satisfying the demands of our customersContact:  READ MORE............

Contact us: cs@KosmeMed.com


We are a representative of Jean D'Arcel Cosmétique, one of the most famous German cosmetic brand, in Mainland China, Hong and Macau.  READ MORE............

For more information on Jean D’Arcel  products, or for technical questions regarding a particular ingredient or product, please feel free to contact us, and one of our specialists will be glad to assist you: cs@KosmeMed.com

KosméMed CELL Therapy

We are a representative of medical clinic Lemana in Swiss for the
World's No.1 CELL THERAPY.

The purpose of cell therapy is to introduce cells into the body that will grow and replace damaged cell.

Cell therapy differs from conventional stem cell therapy in that the cells injected into the body in cell therapy are already differentiated (e.g., muscle cells, gland cells), whereas conventional stem cell therapy utilizes undifferentiated, usually embryonic cells. Cell therapy has long been used by alternative medicine practitioners who have claimed great benefits.   READ MORE............

KosméMed Private label partner

We are at the service of PRIVATE LABEL customers from the most diversified industries: cosmetic brands, retailers, spas and beauty institutes.

The headquarters, with the strategic R&D team, are located in Germany, where true laboratory innovation is promoted and state-of-the-art product conception and finalization take place. Highly skilled researchers and cosmetologists work in close cooperation with the centralized marketing and project development units, constantly monitoring the market to detect new emerging trends, evolving consumption habits, trendsetting lifestyles and non- conventional packaging concepts.   READ MORE............

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